Lacy Oaks

Building Lacy Oaks is the story of two ordinary people who fought their way through fear and despair to create something so beautiful that it would heal them.

Author: Paloma Guerrero

Lifeboat out of despair

Building Lacy Oaks was our lifeboat out of despair when we lost our home of 20 years and our entire community as a result of the Halloween Flood on Onion Creek in Austin, Texas, in 2013. We didn’t lose our home all at once. We lost it in pieces over years in a process of continued heartbreak. And when it was gone, it was really gone – the whole neighborhood gone – houses demolished and our beloved community and friends scattered across the country all grieving the same loss of not just our homes, but of each other.

My husband, a professional gardener, was not about to leave the plants and trees he had tended so lovingly over two decades. It took the flood, loss of life of neighbors, books soaked, and plants washed away for him to even begin to consider it. To really make him budge, I had to create a dream so compelling that he would release his grip on what had been to reach for what could be.

Vision & Courage

Building Lacy Oaks is a non-traditional love story. It’s about the love my husband and I share that got us through hard times, the love from others that rained down on us and gave us the strength to take the next “right step” through our fear, and the love that grew for the new home we were dreaming of.

Working our way through the home-designing and home-building processes, we learned a lot that will be helpful for anyone currently dreaming of, designing, or building a custom home. Most people would think that finances are the most important thing. In fact, there are two most important things and they are within reach of everyone – courage and vision.

About me

Paloma Guerrero lives with her husband, her dog, and her cat at their small estate, Lacy Oaks, in Horseshoe Bay, Tx. Author of the book, Building Lacy Oaks, A Love Story (release date 2020), Paloma is also co-author of the book, Growing Lacy Oaks (release 2021), being written with her husband, Elias Guerrero. Paloma currently works as a project coordinator for a local builder in Marble Falls.

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